Posted on November 22, 2016

china placesetting / boutonniere / tile / suede shoes / vintage postage / interior

interior / door / cactus interior / feathers / vintage postage

With the end of 2016 nigh, we’re making some predictions about color trends we’re starting to see gain momentum. And I have to say, they’re two of my favorites. Blush pink is still pulling very strong but we’ll start start to see it step down to a supporting role.

Dusty, slate blue is gaining popularity, so think vintage suede shoes, agave plants, moody skies, and fine china. It’s a great sidestep for those thinking of steering into the pastels, but don’t want to fall into the blush pink realm.

For those looking for something a bit more bold, think emerald green in every shade. Pair it with natural wood tones for a relaxed affair, or with contrasting colors like black and white for a modern punch. Of course with that said, and with any trend, we always love working with those looking to carve their own creative path!


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