How do I start a custom order?

Please see our overview here and then get in touch!

Do you offer design beyond weddings?

Of course! We'd be happy to design for any occasion no matter how big or small the gathering. Services go beyond invitations as well and include everything from custom cloth napkins to large signage.

Can I purchase any of the artwork designed, such as a monogram, to use on other projects for the event?

Yes. There is a variable fee based on what is being purchased and how it will be used. No artwork may be used beyond the materials of the original event.

Can you design other printed pieces for my event?

Of course–this is the biggest benefit to custom work! Coordinating pieces are the best way to personalize your event. Menus, favors, name cards, table numbers, programs, signs, balloons, napkins, welcome bags, out-of-town booklets and the like are all possible.

Do you offer design in languages other than English?

Yes. However, languages using characters other than the Roman alphabet may be limited in fonts available.