Frequently Asked Questions

About Envelope Addressing.

Wedding envelope addressing is one area where traditions and etiquette have remained unchanged. There are many different social and mailing situations to consider, so here are a few guidelines when you begin compiling your guest list.

If you're using inner and outer envelopes (formal):

Outer Envelope

Inner Envelope

if you're using a single outer envelope (informal):

Single Envelopes

Mailing address guidelines:


No abbreviations or numerals should be used on your envelopes, except for numbered street names 101 and higher, house numbers 21 and higher and zip codes. For example:

Twenty-One Thirty-First Street Northwest, Post Office Box Eight, Washington, District of Columbia, 20015

Return and Response (RSVP) Address

The return address is traditionally printed or embossed on the envelope's flap. The wedding hosts’ address is used and their names are not included. The response or RSVP address is the same, although you may choose a more convenient address for collecting the RSVPs.

Title Situations:



List from oldest to youngest



List person with title first, regardless of gender


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