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Grace Kelly Blue Vintage Postage (2 oz.)

Unused vintage postage set
Pack posts 10 envelopes

This 79-cent set of blue-colored, vintage, unused postage is perfect for mailing thick, square or heavy wedding invitations up to 2 oz.

Each packet contains enough postage to post 10 2 oz. envelopes.

Includes 10 of each stamp:

  • 1973 10c Jefferson Memorial
  • 1979 15c Endangered Flora (Trillium shown)*
  • 1984 20c Waterfowl Preservation
  • 1988 5c Mary Cassatt
  • 1993 29c Grace Kelly

*This stamp was originally issued in a larger set. Refer to second photo for additional stamp designs that may also be included in your order.

Please allow additional processing time due to scarcity. Need more than we have in stock? Please email us to inquire about availability.

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$25.75 Per 10/pk

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